Both Nutri-Plot & Nutri-Plot Plus will infuse your food plots with nutrients to help whatever you plant grow faster, fuller, and healthier attracting more wildlife to your land. Not only will food plots treated with Nutri-Plot & Nutri-Plot Plus attract more wildlife onto your land – it will improve the health of the wildlife eating in your food plots. Many of the 27 micro nutrients in our proprietary formulation are the same essential vitamins and minerals that wildlife crave and need in their diets. Once wildlife start eating, they will be even more drawn to your food plots as they realize they are getting more of the vitamins and minerals they need.



What’s the difference between Nutri-Plot and Nutri-Plot Plus? Nutri-Plot Plus is unique and has been specially formulated for the outdoorsman. We have taken our proprietary Nutri-Plot formulation and added an additional wildlife attractant. The combination of the 27 micro nutrients that wildlife naturally crave with the addition of the wildlife attractant makes Nutri-Plot Plus unbelievably affective at bringing in wildlife!


Don’t have the ability to plant food plots on your land? No Problem! Treat the local vegetation that the wildlife on your property are feeding on with Nutri-Plot Plus! It will create natural feeding areas around your stand locations drawing wildlife to you.

Sean Lundy 


Nutri-Plot is our recommended product for your garden. Whether you are gardening flowers or vegetables - Nutri-Plot will create a lush, full, and healthy garden for you, your family, and friends. The nutrients from our formulation soak into your plants, providing your garden with a hefty and healthy amount of food. Our customers and field testers have reported up to a 40% increase in produce since using Nutri-Plot.


Try Nutri-Plot for more than food plot fertilization! Our formula makes for a great pasture fertilizer to give you lush, green, and plentiful grass to graze your livestock on, whether a herd or a handful of horses.

Often times livestock owners provide their animals with feed items such as hay, but allowing animals to naturally graze during the summar on grass is also an added method. Our Nutri-Plot forumla is a pasture fertilizer that will bolster the richness of your soil, allowing your grass and other naturally growing vegetation in your pasture(s) to grow faster, greener, and provide plentiful grazing.

Horse Grazing

No matter what your needs may be, we offer a solution. Grow fuller plots while increasing wildlife. Nutri-Plot is a fertilizer that also serves as a food plot attractant, but can also be used as a pasture fertilizer. The Nutri-Plot forumla helps to speed plant growth out in pasture, whether it's unused land, farmland or for livestock. Nutri-Plot will provide the nutrients needed to help the grass and natural vegetation grow within your pastures, to feed your horses, cows, or other livestock and/or attract wildlife to your front step.


We work closely with our customers to ensure they have the best possible experience and end up with products they love and believe in. Nutri-Plot is the perfect pasture fertilizer for farmers. Attract wild hares, deer, and more to your land for a great outdoor adventure or feed your heard with the natural supplements our pasture fertilizer provides.