Whether you’re just starting a food plot, or if you have been cultivating your food plot for years, there’s always something new to learn and new techniques to try to increase the number of deer attracted to your plot. Nutri-Plot is a food plot fertilizer that was developed to help hunters and gardeners alike increase the nutrients in their plants and to help attract wildlife. Here are some of the biggest questions we get from our customers. Contact us today if you have any further questions.

What You Should Know About Food Plot Fertilizer

How do I start a food plot?

Before you start tilling the ground or looking for the right plants to grow, you’ll need to decide on the right location for the plot itself. Look for a space that is close to a forested area, so deer and other wildlife will feel safe. If possible, the plot should also be near a water source; it should get enough light; and there should be enough space for any necessary farm equipment.

Next, you’ll want to test the pH balance of the soil. This can be done with a testing kit found at a local hunting or gardening supply store. This will tell you what type of fertilizer the soil will need. Finally, till the soil and work the seeds into the ground. During the tilling process, and depending on the soil’s current pH balance, you may need to use lime, fertilizer, and soil conditioners. Work the top four to eight inches of soil to create a healthy bed for the seeds.

Do I need to test the soil?

It is highly recommended that the soil is tested before planting. A soil’s pH can vary greatly depending on the location of the plot, so it’s important to understand what the soil needs in order to have a successful plot. If your soil is higher or lower than 7.0, the plants may not germinate and grow properly. Nutri-Plot’s food plot fertilizer includes 27 micro-nutrients that will provide essential vitamins and minerals to promote strong roots and sturdy plants.

How do I know what foods to plant?

This will depend on the wildlife that you wish to attract and the current season. Generally, you will be choosing between warm-season and cool-season crops. Warm-season crops include soybeans, corn, and cowpeas and will be planted in early spring to grow throughout the summer. Cool-season crops include wheat, oats, clover, and chicory. Depending on the type of crop, these can grow throughout the year. A majority of food plots are grown to attract deer, so alfalfa, turnips, clover, corn, sorghum, soybeans, and winter grains, such as rye.

When should I fertilize my food plot?

Amending soil is often a long-term process which can require weeks or months of fertilizing and liming in order to reach the desired pH balance. However, if you know that you are cultivating your food plot for the beginning of the hunting season, start fertilizing and testing the soil of the plot a few weeks before you plant the seeds. This will allow time for the fertilizer to take effect and for the crops to grow.

There’s a lot to know about food plot fertilizers and how to attract wildlife, but with Nutri-Plot, you can be confident that you will have a successful plot and hunting season. Get in touch with our team today if you have any other questions!