Nutri-Plot Products are Made in U.S.A.

The best bang for your buck — Nutri-Plot’s wildlife attractant with food plot fertilizer. Get the best out of your food plots and the most out of your hunting season by applying Nutri-Plot wildlife fertilizer and attractant with a proprietary blend of 27 micro-nutrients.

Nutri-Plot is a foliar feed fertilizer that helps enhance your food plots, which means that the liquid is applied directly to the plant’s leaves. Nutri-Plot may also be used as a seed treatment prior to planting.

  • KenCor Outdoors LLC provides innovative food plot product lines for food plot enthusiast.
  • Nutri-Plot Attractant Fertilizer helps to grow fuller plots quicker while increasing wildlife traffic.
  • Explode Fertilizer helps to keep wildlife out of food plots saving farmers money in crop in damage.
  • Nutri-Garden helps to speed plant growth in gardens and flowerbeds.
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