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Nutri-Plot Quart

6 Reviews
Nutri-Plot Quart
Nutri-Plot Quart

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Nutri-Plot Quart

Model Number: 866295000107
Nutri-Plot 1 Quart.
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Manufacturer: KenCor Outdoors
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1 Quart of Nutri-Plot will treat approximatley 1 acre.

Nutri-Plot is a foodplot fertilizer and wildlife attractant.

Nutri-Plot helps to speed plot growth and increase nutrients in food plots for wildlife while also increasing traffic into food plots with the attractant component.

Nutri-Plot can be used alone or in conjunction with other food plot supplements.

1 Quart

6 Reviews for Nutri-Plot Quart

  • Deer Hitting Food Plot Daily - Saturday, December 5, 2015
    I had tried to hunt on my farm, but was never able to kill a deer on my own place. This meant I had to hunt on other people’s land. It wasn’t until I put out my first food plot and used NutriPlot liquid fertilizer with attractant that I killed my first deer ever on my own farm. I even put up a camera and saw the deer hitting the food plot daily as a result of NutriPlot.
    Cory T.
  • Product that Works - Saturday, December 5, 2015

    ” I have been endorsing products
    for over 40 years, never have I
    endorsed a product without testing
    it in the field. Nutri-Plot is a great
    product. The big buck was
    standing where I sprayed it on the
    food plot. Nutri Plot is not only a
    fertilizer but an attractant as well.
    Nutri Plot is a great product and it
    has my endorsement. Thanks
    Nutri Plot for a product that
    works” Professional Hunter Joe Kelly
  • 100% Convinced - Saturday, December 5, 2015
    Over the last few years I’ve received and used a product called NutriPlot. The first batch I received from Kenny I was very skeptical, but despite my doubts I planted half of my plot with the product. Over the next few weeks of monitoring the food plots I noticed the side without the product lagging. I thought maybe it was a fluke thing, but as deer season came in I started getting more trail cam pictures than ever before! These deer were practically living in the plot! They would walk past the half without and straight to the NutriPlot side to chow down. Not only did they prefer the product but they actually started looking healthier in the second year. I was in shock, even when the feeder would go off they’d raise their head to look then go right back to eating! Now I am a confident NutriPlot user and am 100% convinced that this product is a game changer for any plot! I’m not paid to promote this product, so I wouldn’t be wasting my breath if it didn’t really work! I wouldn’t promote a product I didn’t believe in and I truly believe in this product! -Oscar C.
  • Nutri-Plot on Clover - Saturday, December 5, 2015
    “I sprayed Nutri Plot on this clover 3 weeks ago and it grew 4″ with deer browsing on it. I also have a video of this plot from frost seeding this spring until now. I shoot a new video every 30 days to show what it has been doing. Please check our my credentials below along with my website. I appreciate it very much. ”

    Kasey Thren, Complete Deer Management LLC
  • Awesome Product - Saturday, December 5, 2015
    Awesome product, even better folks. You gotta get you some!
    Phil M.
  • Nutri-Plot Worked for me! - Saturday, December 5, 2015
    I put out Nutriplot 2 days ago on the natural vegetation near my hunting stand, checked trail cam today and had a buck visting the treated area! Great product. I recommend and will definately use again.
    Christy K.
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